Viewing and sorting applications in the Apps page

The Apps page lists all of the applications you have added to the Privileged Access Service. You can use the column headers to sort applications and quickly find the one you are looking for.

Note:   Your role must have the Privileged Access Service Applications Management administrative right to view, add, and modify applications.

Application Status

An application can have one of the following statuses:

  • Not Configured: All required fields have not been defined.
  • Ready to Deploy: (web applications) All required fields have not been defined and you have not assigned the user access.
  • Deployed: All the required fields have been defined and user access has been assigned. Users assigned to the roles with this application deployed can now access the application from their Privileged Access Service Admin Portal or devices.

Application Types

You can also filter the applications displayed by type. Use the Search drop-down menu to select the type. The application types are defined as follows:

Application type



Web applications that use SAML for authentication


Web applications that use either SAML, or vendor specific federated authentication

User Password Web

Web applications that use user name and password for authentication


All Web applications.

Other Type

Web applications that use OAuth tokens.