Adding and configuring the Centrify Browser Extension (advanced) application in the Admin Portal

To add and configure a Browser Extension (advanced) application:

  1. In the Admin Portal, click Apps > Web Apps. Click Add Web Apps. The Add Web Apps screen appears.
  2. Click Custom. On the Custom tab, next to the Browser Extension (advanced)application, click Add.

  1. On the Add Web App screen, click Yes to add the application. The Admin Portal adds the application.
  2. Click Close to exit the Application Catalog.
  3. On the Web Apps page, choose the Browser Extension (advanced) app you just added.
  4. On the Description page, select if you'd like custom name and description for each language. Additonally, add the name, description, category, and logo for the application. For some applications, the name cannot be modified.

  1. Because this is a generic or custom application, it’s recommended to give this application a unique name.
  2. On the Permissions page, select the role(s), groups, and/or users that have access to the application.
  3. (Optional) On the Policy page, specify additional authentication controls for this application. Here, you can add rules.
  1. On the Account Mapping page, configure how the login information is mapped to the application’s user accounts.

  1. (Optional) Click App Gateway to allow users to securely access this application outside of your corporate network. For detailed configuration instructions, see Configuring an application to use the App Gateway.
  2. (Optional) On the Changelog page, you can see recent changes that have been made to the application settings, by date, user, and the type of change that was made.
  3. (Optional) Click Workflow to set up a request and approval work flow for this application. See Request and approval workflow overview for more information.
  4. Click Save.