Configure the SAML attributes

On the SAML Response page, use the Attributes section to configure SAML attributes that should be included in the SAML response for this application.

To add an attribute

  1. Click Add.
  2. In the Attribute Name field, enter the attribute name as required by the Service Provider.

    For example: Email

  3. In the Attribute Value field, click the drop-down menu and the applicable value for the attribute name.

    For example: LoginUser.

    Click the drop-down menu again and select Email from the popup menu to obtain LoginUser.Email.

  4. Repeat the previous steps as necessary to add additional attributes.
  5. If the drop-down menu items do not list the attribute that you want, click the input field and enter the value manually.

    For example, if you want an Active Directory attribute such as custom_ad_attr, enter LoginUser.Get('custom_ad_attr').

    If you want a hardcoded string value, enter the value enclosed in single quotes such as 'hardcoded_string_value'.

  6. Click Save.

Note:   The attributes that you configure in the Attributes section are separate from those that you configure in the Custom Logic section. Both attribute entries appear in the SAML Response.