Retrieving application information

The read-only Application object created by the Privileged Access Service for a user session contains the properties defined in the application profile. Create a web application’s profile using the generic user-password application template in the Admin Portal (described in Custom user-password applications). You must set appropriate application properties in the application profile before the custom user-password script can retrieve application properties successfully.

The method Application.Get() retrieves application properties. It takes as its argument a string that specifies the property whose value to retrieve. Application.Get(“Name”), for example, retrieves the name of the application.

The Application object describes all the Application object’s properties that you can retrieve. The following table shows two of the most useful application properties for user-password information. Note that these property names are case-sensitive. Note also that one of the properties has a synonymous global variable that you can use in place of using Application.Get().

Property name



The name of the application as entered in the Application Settings tab.


The contact URL for the HTML response as specified in the URL field in the Application Settings tab. Synonymous with the global variable ServiceUrl.