Entering a custom user-password script

To enter the custom user-password script in the Advanced tab of the generic user-password application template:

  1. Click Edit.
  2. Enter the advanced script in the text panel, replacing the existing script or using it as a template script.

    Incorrect JavaScript syntax in a line triggers a yellow symbol before the line number. Although the text panel offers this simple JavaScript support, if you’re writing a script of any length you may want to use a specialized JavaScript editor and paste the results into the text panel.

    Note:   The template script present in the text panel by default will in almost all cases not work as a custom user-password script for a web application. You must modify or replace the script to meet the specific response field requirements of the web application.

  3. (Optional) Click Test.

    The Advanced Script Results window opens showing SSO Token details and the results of a trace of the script. The SSO token is generated by the Admin Portal for the user to log in to the web application.

  4. Click Save Changes.

    Read Custom user-password applications for more information about using the generic user-password application template.