Configuring Google Chrome on a Mac for silent authentication

Google Chrome on Mac requires you to whitelist an authentication server to successfully authenticate your users.

To configure Chrome on a Mac for silent authentication and single sign-on

  1. Log in to your Mac device as an Active Directory user.
  2. Quit any instances of Chrome, then open the Terminal.
  3. Run the following command in the Terminal.

    defaults write AuthServerWhitelist <connector hostname>

    Connector hostname is the hostname set in Settings > Network > Centrify Connectors.

    Tip: If you have more than one connector configured, use a comma to separate the hostnames. For example:

    defaults write AuthServerWhitelist host1,host2

Your users should now be able to use silent authentication with Chrome on a Mac. If the changes in the previous procedure do not take effect immediately, Quit Google Chrome and then force any remaining Google Chrome related process to quit using the Activity Monitor.