Reference content -- Connector configuration program

Initial configuration of the Centrify Connector follows installation with the connector configuration wizard, which launches automatically. To complete the wizard, you must identify a user group whose members can register devices and a container that stores accounts for registered devices. You must also identify a group whose users have permission to manage registered devices and manage the configuration.

The connector configuration program allows you to complete the initial configuration and to make changes when necessary. You can also run this application to monitor the status of your connector.

Privileged Access Service uses all of the available connectors configured for a service. Each server has a connector configuration program that you launch on the computer hosting the connector. Changes made to one connector in an installation (servers registered to the same customer ID), the changes are propagated to all the servers in the installation to ensure that they are all in sync.

The Centrify Connector Configuration Program is installed on any computer where a connector is installed. You can launch it from the Windows Start menu. The application appears as a window with tabbed panels:

  • Status: Shows server name, Centrify customer ID, and Centrify connection status.
  • Centrify Connector: Provides connector controls and option settings.