Determining whether you need a connector

The Centrify connector is a multipurpose service that provides support for key features and enables secure communication between other services on your internal network or a cloud instance. Not all services require a connector, however. For example, if all users are Privileged Access Service user accounts, the connector isn’t required.

You must have at least one connector if any of the following apply:

  • You are using Active Directory or another LDAP server as the identity store.
  • You manage access to applications through an application gateway.
  • You are using Privileged Access Services for privilege elevation, privileged account request and approval work flow, or shared password management.

You can install more than one connector to support fail-over and load balancing. If you need to use a connector, you can download the software package from within the Admin Portal or from the Infrastructure step in the Quickstart wizard. For more information, see Installing a Centrify Connector.