Creating individual directory service users

Initially, you might want to create individual directory service users one at a time directly in the Admin Portal. For example, you might want to add another directory service user that will be assigned to the System Administrator role or delegated to perform user management or role management tasks but not other administrative tasks.

To create user accounts one at a time

  1. Log in to Admin Portal using your administrator account.
  2. Click Access > Users > Add User.
  3. Enter a login name and select a suffix.

    A user name can be composed of any of the UTF8 alphanumeric characters plus the symbols + (plus), - (dash), _ (underscore), and . (period).

    The suffix is the part of your account name that follows “@”. For example, if your account name is, then the suffix is By default, the suffix associated with your default account is populated. See How to use login suffixes for more information on suffixes.

    All login suffixes are displayed in the list, including the login suffix for any Active Directory/LDAP domains you are using.

    Important: If you select the login suffix for an Active Directory/LDAP domain, the account is not added to Active Directory/LDAP. The account’s Source column will indicate Privileged Access Service as the source, rather than Active Directory/LDAP.

  4. Enter the email address and display name for the user.
  5. Enter a password.

    This is a one-time password for the user to log in to Admin Portal when you select “Require password change at next login (recommended)” in the Status settings. This password is replaced with the password created by the user.

    The default minimum password requirements are:

    • 8 characters
    • 1 numeric character
    • 1 upper case letter
    • 1 lower case letter

    See How to specify user password complexity requirements to change the default requirements.

  6. Select the appropriate Status settings.

    You can customize the email message sent when you invite users—see How to customize email message contents.

  7. (optional) Enter the appropriate information for the Profile fields.
  8. (optional) Enter the appropriate information for the Organization field.
  9. Click Create User.

    A notification will be sent to the newly created user using your selected method.