Registering for service

To get here, you have most likely already completed a few key steps:

  1. You have requested a free trial or subscription to the Privileged Access Service.

    If you did not request a free trial or subscription, fill out the following form to request access to Privileged Access Service:

  2. You have registered for a Centrify account with a valid email address and have received an “Activate Your Centrify Account” email followed by a “Your Centrify Account Is Ready - Next Steps” email with your account details.

    Your account details include the user name for an administrative account, a temporary password, and a unique customer identifier.

  3. You have logged on using the account name, temporary password, and URL from your email notification.
  4. You have set and confirmed a new password to activate your account.

If you have not completed these preliminary steps, stop here and verify that you have received the “Your Centrify Account Is Ready - Next Steps” email and that you can log on using the account information in the email.

Privileged Access Service provides numerous features, functions, and configuration options. The next steps are only intended to get you going with the basic setup for core services. Depending on the additional services you decide to use, additional steps might be required to complete your initial configuration.

For the core services, you need to know how to add roles and users to the directory service, whether you need to install a connector, and whether additional steps are necessary for the services you are deploying.

To get started, you should review the following topics: