Creating an alias for long Active Directory domain names

Best practice dictates that you use a login suffix for Active Directory users that they are already using. For example, if they’re using your organization’s domain name to open their email account, it would help them remember their Privileged Access Service user name if you used the same login suffix.

However, this is not a requirement. For example, if you have a long or complex Active Directory domain name, you can create a mapped login suffix for Active Directory accounts using the Advanced option. For example, if your login suffix is, you could define another login suffix, such as “abc.”

To map an Active Directory login suffix:

  1. Open Admin Portal and click Settings > General > Suffix > Add.
  2. Enter the alias in the Login suffix text box.
  3. Expand Advanced.
  4. Reset the Keep Login Suffix and Mapped Suffix the same checkbox.
  5. Backspace over the login suffix in the text box below the checkbox and enter the Active Directory domain name.
  6. Click Save.