Using the Bulk User Import wizard to add Privileged Access Service accounts

After you create the file, use the Bulk User Import wizard to create the accounts.

To add Privileged Access Service accounts using the Bulk User Import wizard:

The procedure assumes you have already created the Excel or CSV file.

  1. Log in to Admin Portal
  2. Click Settings > Users > Bulk User Import > Browse.

  3. Navigate to the file.
  4. Click Open > Next.
  5. Review the entries.

    The first 15 records are displayed. Use this display to ensure you have formated the entries correctly.

  6. Click Next.

    The Centrify Directory - Bulk Import Report field is automatically populated with your email address. Change the address if you want the email address to go to someone else.

  7. Click Confirm

After the wizard completes the import, the Privileged Access Service sends two email messages:

  • A Centrify Directory - Bulk Import Report. This email message is sent to the email account that you had specified to receive the report. It indicates how many new users were specified in the file and how many were successfully added. An explanation is provided for each failed account.
  • A Centrify Directory - New User Account. This email message is sent to each user account created. The message includes a link to the Admin Portaland a one-time password. When users open the link, they are prompted to create a new password (unless you have configured otherwise).

Note:   You can customize this letter—see How to customize email message contents.