Mapping of global group attributes

You can create a mapping of global group attributes values (i.e. partner roles for Privileged Access Service tenants, or groups for partners using ADFS) for all your partners to your specified groups. If the system encounters conflicts, the individual group attribute mapping takes priority.

To map global group attributes to your specified groups:

  1. Log in to Admin Portal.
  2. Click Settings > Users > Partner Management > Global Mappings.
  3. Enter the global partner role or ADFS group (ADFS federation) into the Group Attribute Value text box, then either select an existing group in the Group Name text box or enter a new name.

    You do this to map global partner roles/ADFS groups (information you should have received from your partners) to your groups. Each group needs to be a member of at least one role in your tenant. See Assigning host groups to roles.

  4. Click OK.