Troubleshooting — LDAP server unavailable


I'm unable to configure the LDAP server in Cloud Manager. I get the error message, "LDAP server is unavailable".

Possible Explanations

  • The DNS name cannot be resolved by the Centrify Connector machine.
  • There is no network route to the LDAP server from the Centrify Connector machine possible because of firewall rules or other routing issues.
  • The LDAP server is not listening on port 636.

Verification Steps

Perform the following steps to verify the possible explanations:

  1. From the Centrify Connector machine, confirm that the DNS name can be resolved with nslookup.
  2. If the above confirmation is successful, confirm that there is a network path to the LDAP server by telneting to it on port 636. If the screen goes blank, it means we can connect. Use ctrl ] and type “quite” to exit.


If the name cannot be resolved, try to enter the name in the hosts table or use the IP address of the machine. If the latter, you will likely need to un-check Verify Server Certificate on the Add LDAP Directory page.

If the server is NOT listening on port 636, append the port to the DNS hostname; for example: <dns hostname>:3269

Note:   We only support LDAP over SSL. We do not support clear LDAP.