Creating a login suffix

You can create as many login suffixes as you want for Centrify Directory accounts. The login suffix can be composed of any of the UTF8 alphanumeric characters plus the symbols + (plus), - (dash), _ (underscore), and . (period). You can, but are not bound to, use the form label.label for your login suffixes; however, a login suffix can be composed of a single label—for example, ABCCorp.

Login suffixes must be unique in Privileged Access Service (not just within your Privileged Access Service account). If you enter a login suffix that is already in use, you get an error message.

You can select any login suffix when you create new Privileged Access Service accounts.

To create a login suffix:

  1. Log in to Admin Portal and click Settings > General > Suffix > Add.
  2. Enter the suffix in the text box and click Save.