How to use login suffixes

The login suffix is that part of the login name that follows @. For example, if the login name is, the login suffix is “” The login suffix identifies the ID repository containing the user account when the user logs in to the portals or registers a device. If the login suffix is not listed on this page, the user cannot be authenticated.

Privileged Access Service automatically creates a default login suffix for your organization based on the login suffix in the work email account entered in the Centrify sign-up form. However, if that login suffix is already in use, the Privileged Access Service appends a one- or two-digit number to the end. For example, if the email address entered when the Privileged Access Service account had the login suffix but “” was already used by another organization, the Privileged Access Service would create the login suffix

You can create more login suffixes for Centrify Directory accounts. You assign a new Privileged Access Service to a login suffix when you create the account.