How to create a policy set and assign it to users

This scenario is intended to guide system administrators through the procedures for creating a policy set and assigning it to users. This scenario addresses the creation of a policy set only and does not address any specific policy settings.

You can set up hierarchical policy sets so that, for example, a base policy set can be applied to all users and then other policy sets can be applied to smaller sets of users (for example, the sales and support departments). See Using hierarchical policy sets for the details.

You can apply a policy set to all users with accounts in the Privileged Access Service, to users in specific roles only, or to users in specific collection parameters.

For non-endpoint related policies (such as application polices, login policies, etc.), the policy set goes into effect after users click Reload Rights from the Admin Portal.

You can see the current setting for the policies you have set previously by clicking Summary. The Summary page does not show the default value for policies you have not modified.

This scenario includes the following topics: