User Management commands

Admin Portal provides several user management commands. They are displayed when you right-click the name on the Users page and in the Actions menu on the account’s details page.

Command Result


Deletes a Centrify Directory account from Privileged Access Service.

The user is no longer listed on the Users page and is no longer able to log in to the Admin Portal or Admin Portal.

For Active Directory/LDAP user accounts, the deleted account is only removed from the Users page. You must use Active Directory Users and Computers to delete the Active Directory/LDAP account. See How to delete user accounts for more information.

MFA Unlock

Suspends multi-factor authentication for 10 minutes.

Multi-factor authentication requires users to perform additional steps (such as verify their identity by email or phone call) to log in to the Admin Portal and Admin Portal. If the user is having trouble logging in, select the user and select this action to let the user log in with just a user name and password.

Send email invite for user profile setup

Sends an email to the selected users with their login account name.


Updates the user’s rights immediately to put into effect any changes you have made to the account—for example, if you added the user to a new role or changed the user’s administrative privileges.

Use this command immediately after modifying the user’s role or rights.

Set Password

Prompts you to reset the user’s Privileged Access Service account password.

In the window that appears, you enter a new password for the user.