User account statuses

After a user account has been created and brought into Privileged Access Service, the platform assigns it a status. These statuses are displayed on the User page for each user account.

Status Indicates


The user has either logged in to one of the portals or registered a device.


An administrator has sent an invitation to register a device, however, the user has not responded.

You can send an invitation when you create a Centrify Directory account (see Adding Privileged Access Service users) or separately to accounts in all sources using the Invite User button.

The Last Invite column indicates the date and time of the most recent invitation.

When you add accounts to Privileged Access Serviceusing Bulk import (see Bulk import of user accounts), Admin Portal automatically sends an email invitation to all new accounts by default.

Not Invited

The account was created in Privileged Access Service but no email invitations have been sent. Successfully provisioned users appear on the Users page with a status of Not Invited.


The user account is locked. There are several reasons why an account is locked, for example, it could locked by the system administrator or the user has reached the maximum number of log-in attempts. See How to configure user self-service options for account unlock options.