Importing bulk Unix profiles

You can create or update Unix profiles for Centrify PAS users by doing a bulk import of Unix profiles. This way, you can set up the Unix profiles with UIDs and GIDs as you prefer.

You can download an import template CSV file that shows which fields you need to specify for each user or group account. This file is available from the first page of the import wizard.

Here are some important things to know:

  • For each user profile you specify in the CSV file, you must at least specify the UID, UnixName, and UPN.

  • For each group profile that you specify in the CSV file, you must at least specify the GID, and GroupName.

  • When specifying new UID or GID values, do not use 0 through 999; these UID/GID values are reserved for system accounts.

  • For users with existing Unix profiles, after you change their profile information, they will lose access to their current/previous home directory because of the UID change.

  • After the import completes, you will receive a report with the import details. This report includes information about which accounts were successfully imported and any errors.

  • If desired, you can use the following APIs to retrieve and set the user or group profile information. More information about these APIs are at the Centrify developer portal.

    • UnixProfile/GetUserProfile

    • UnixProfile/SetUserProfile

    • UnixProfile/GetGroupProfile

    • UnixProfile/SetGroupProfile

To bulk import Unix profiles and create or update Centrify PAS accounts for the profiles:

  1. Go to Access > Users, and click Import Unix Profiles.

    The Import Unix Profiles wizard opens.

  2. Click Browse to locate and select the CSV file that contains the Unix profile information.

    Click Next to continue.

  3. Review a sampling of what the import wizard has brought in from your CSV file. The wizard displays a preview of the first 15 rows from the CSV file.

  4. If the information is correct, click Next to continue.

  5. Enter an email address. The service will send the Bulk Unix profile import summary to the email address you specify here.

    After the import completes, the service emails you a report summary with the import details attached in a CSV file . If the import skipped any profiles because of errors, the report lists them and you can review the details in the CSV file.

  6. Click Confirm to continue.

    The wizard closes and you should see the report summary in your email inbox shortly.