Specifying UNIX profile information

Users: If the user will be accessing enrolled Linux systems (where the Centrify Client is installed), you can specify any or all of the following fields:

  • Unix name*

  • Uid

  • Gid*

  • UPN*

  • Home

  • Shell

  • Gecos

If you specify any Unix profile fields, you must specify Unix name, Gid, and UPN. For any fields that don't have a value, the service will automatically generate them for the user when the user first logs in to a Linux system.

Roles: If your users assigned to the role will be accessing enrolled Linux systems, you can specify the Unix Profile information, if desired. You can map a role to either a local group that already exists on systems or a new local group. You can specify the local group by going to the Unix Profile page and selecting Map role as a group on enrolled systems.

  • Unix name: This is the name of the new or existing local group. You must specify this field.

    Enter an existing local group name if you want to map this role to a group that exists already on your Linux systems.

  • GID: This field is optional. If you are mapping this role to an existing local group, be sure to enter the correct GID (otherwise the mapping won't work correctly).