How to register devices

This scenario is intended to guide system administrators through the procedures for enabling users to register devices. Users typically register their own devices, but system administrators must enable the relevant settings. When devices are registered, you can manage them in Admin Portal, install mobile device policies, and deploy mobile applications to specified devices.

Registering a device requires Privileged Access Service to push a user certificate to the device. Typically, we use the User Principle Name (UPN) as the subject alternative name of the certificate. If you want to use Distinguished Name (DN), please contact Privileged Access Service Support.

Note:   If you have the Direct Control agent installed, you must remove it before installing the Centrify Mac Agent version 19.5 or higher to use MFA for Mac. The MFA for Mac feature is not compatible with the Direct Control agent. Refer to Installing and removing the agent and leaving a domain for more information about uninstalling the Direct Control agent and leaving an AD domain.

This scenario includes the following topics: