Updating device configuration policy changes

If you are using Centrify directory policy service to manage your devices, Privileged Access Service automatically pushes policy updates to devices according to the policy push delay or update interval you set in Settings > Endpoints > Endpoint Management Settings in Admin Portal. See How to select the policy service for device management.

If you are using Active Directory Group Policy Management to define policies, you update user with policy changes using Active Directory Users and Computers.

To update all devices when you use the Centrify directory policy service:

  1. Log in to Admin Portal.
  2. Click Core Services > Policy > Push Policy.
  3. Click Yes in the pop up window.

To push policy set changes to individual devices:

  1. Log in to Admin Portal.
  2. Click Endpoints.
  3. Right click the device listing.
  4. Click Update Policies.

To push group policy object changes to individual devices:

  1. Open Active Director Users and Computers
  2. Open the organizational unit with the devices.
  3. Select the devices.
  4. Right-click and expand All Tasks and then Device Management.
  5. Click Update Policies.