Viewing device attributes in Report Builder

When you create a dynamic set of endpoints, you can use attributes from the Device list in Report Builder.

To view the Device attribute list in Report Builder

  1. In the Admin Portal, navigate to the Report Builder by clicking Reports.
  2. Open an existing report and click Actions > Details or click New Report to start a new report.
  3. In the Data Dictionary pane, click Device to expand the attribute list.

For more information on creating dynamic sets, see How to use sets to manage endpoints.

Policy-updating device attributes

A subset of the Device attributes list has a unique behavior. If you use one of following attributes in a query and, subsequently, the value of that attribute changes, this will cause the device policy to update, automatically:

  • Carrier

  • IsAdminLocationTrackingEnabled

  • Jailbroken

  • Name

  • OSBuild

  • Owner

  • OwnerID

  • PhoneNumber