About automation

Centrify Clients have been designed to take advantage of many of the elements of the Centrify Platform, these include:

  • OAUTH2 limited scopes for the service users.
  • PAS Service Users
  • Enrollment Codes
  • CLI Tooling
  • Sets

These tools allow for automation in several scenarios. Centrify provides many samples for automation for several scenarios:

  • AWS:
    • Automation: https://github.com/centrify/AWS-Automation
    • AWS OpsWorks: https://github.com/centrify/AWS-OpsWorks
    • AWS AutoScalingGroup: https://github.com/centrify/AWS-AutoScalingGroup
  • Google Cloud Platform: https://github.com/centrify/GCP-Automation
  • Container security: https://github.com/centrify/container-security
  • Docker images: https://github.com/centrify/docker_files

For details, see the links below: