About Linux local group mapping

With the Centrify Client for Linux, you can map roles to local Linux groups. You can map a role to either an existing local group or a new local group. If the local group doesn’t already exist on the systems, the members of the role will show up as members of the group with the details you specify on the role’s Unix Profile page.

When you're either creating a new role or editing an existing role, you specify the Linux local group details on the Role > Unix Profile page.

  • New local Linux groups: Enter the Unix name (required) and the GID (optional).

  • Existing local Linux groups: Enter the existing Unix name of the local group and the correct GID for the local group.

For information about setting the Unix profile information for individual users, see Specifying UNIX profile information.

A previous version of the Linux local group mapping feature involved setting roles so that they're visible as groups on Linux systems. For details, see Setting group visibility for clients.