Enabling the CSS Extension

You can enable the CSS Extension on the Centrify Client for Linux so that when you do a zone role workflow request, you don't have to wait for Active Directory to synchronize by way of the Centrify Connector. When the CSS Extension is enabled, after a zone role workflow request is approved the requester can access the specified system(s) immediately.

You can enable the CSS Extension by doing either of the following:

  • During enrollment, specify -css or -C to enable the CSS Extension with the cenroll command.

    cenroll --css (plus the other parameters to complete the enrollment)

  • After enrollment, use the cedit command with the EnableCSSExtension parameter to enable the CSS Extension.

    cedit -s EnableCSSExtension:true

If you set up zone role workflow with just the Centrify Connector, be aware that there will be a delay between when the approver approves the request and when the user can access the affected systems. Although the Centrify Connector updates Active Directory immediately after the approver approves the request, a delay occurs because it can take some time to replicate the Active Directory information and also because the Server Suite Agent reloads authorization information from Active Directory at specified intervals.

Note:   The client channel and the CSS Extension aren't supported for Hyper-scalable PAS deployments.