Automating registration

You can use the commands included in the client package and registration codes to automate the deployment and removal of virtual machine instances such as Amazon Machine Instances (AMI) in an Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud environment.

Sample scripts in the client package illustrate how to perform the following tasks when starting a new instance:

  • Access the Centrify repository.
  • Download and install the client package.
  • Run the cenroll program with an registration code and a public IP, private IP, or host name for the network address.
  • Configure the secure shell server sshd process.
  • Create a shell script for unregistering to be executed when an instance is shut down.

You must modify some configuration details in the sample script—for example, you must specify your customer-specific URL, registration code, features to enable, and network address type—and run the script as “user data” to register the instance in the Privileged Access Service. After running the script with the appropriate information, the instance will be registered as a system and Centrify identity users can log on to the instance.

For more information, see the README file in the /usr/share/centrifycc/samples directory, the README file in the /usr/share/centrifycc/samples/orchestration directory, and the comments in the sample script.