Exploring the sample scripts

After you install the client package using a native package manager, you can find the command-line programs and sample scripts in the /usr/bin, /usr/sbin, and /opt/centrify/samples directories. The sample scripts in the /opt/centrify/samples directory illustrate some common use-cases for the commands in the client package. For example, there are sample scripts that illustrate how to use the commands in the client package to perform the following tasks:

  • Automate the deployment and registration of virtual machines in an Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment (aws_userdata.sh in the /opt/centrify/samples/orchestration directory).
  • Write a script to access privileged account passwords stored in the Privileged Access Service (mysql.sh and scp.sh in the /opt/centrify/samples/apppassword directory).
  • Write a notification script to automatically add randomly-generated passwords for new local user accounts to the Privileged Access Service (handle_local_accts.cc.sh in the /opt/centrify/samples/localacctmgmt directory).

For more information about copying and modifying the sample scripts, see the README and script file comments in the /opt/centrify/samples directory.