What the Admin Portal provides

Through the Admin Portal, you can securely store, share, and manage administrative and non-administrative account passwords for target systems, domains, and databases.

By using Privileged Access Service to manage administrative and shared account passwords, you can securely store encrypted passwords and control how frequently they are reset. By adding accounts with managed passwords and only granting specific privileges, you can share common accounts without members of different work groups knowing administrative account passwords.

Using the stored account information, administrators with the proper permissions can log on transparently without providing a password and open remote sessions on target servers and network devices to perform everyday tasks, diagnose problems, or fix issues. In addition, by requiring users to check out and check in stored passwords when they are not logging on transparently, you can prevent the reuse of shared account passwords for administrative activity.

The Privileged Access Service keeps a record of password checkout, checkin, and session activity, so you always know who had access to which system when. If you also have auditing services installed and have set up an audit installation, you can capture a complete audit trail of what administrators did after starting a remote session on a targeted system. For information about how to create an audit installation to capture and replay session activity, see the Auditing Administrator’s Guide. For information about configuring auditing for the Privileged Access Service, see Enabling auditing for remote sessions.