Setting the password storage location

After you have configured secure communication between the Centrify Connector and the SafeNet KeySecure appliance, you can set the password storage location in the Admin Portal. You can change from one password storage location to another at any time. You can also migrate all existing passwords from one location to the other at any time.

If you don’t migrate passwords, they remain in the location where they were initially added. For example, if you have three accounts you added before changing the password storage location to SafeNet KeySecure, the passwords for those three accounts remain stored in the Privileged Access Service until you choose to migrate them. The passwords for all of the accounts you add after changing the password storage location to SafeNet KeySecure are saved in the KeySecure appliance.

To store passwords in SafeNet KeySecure:

  1. Open the administrative portal from the account name menu.
  2. Click Settings > Resources.
  3. Select Password Storage from the list of settings.
  4. Select the location for storing passwords.

    For example, select SafeNet KeySecure appliance to store passwords in a SafeNet KeySecure appliance.

  5. Click Save.

    Changing the storage location will prompt you to specify whether you want to migrate passwords to the new location. If you want to migrate existing passwords to the new location, specify the email address where you want to receive notification of the migration results, then click Yes. If you want existing passwords to remain in their current location, click No.

When you add systems and accounts using the Add Systems wizard, import systems and accounts from a file, or add accounts to a selected system, passwords are saved in the new storage location. If you use proxy accounts for any systems, the passwords for those accounts are also stored in the selected password storage location.