Selecting a database

You can select a database to work with by clicking anywhere in the row that contains the database name to display the database details or by clicking the check box for a row. Selecting a database displays the Actions menu. From the Actions menu, you can click:

  • Add to Set to add the selected system to a new or existing set.
  • Delete to remove a database from the list.
  • Test connection to perform a check on the selected database and determine if the database is reachable. The Test connection function is not supported for the SQL Server database type if a port number is not specified.

You can also select an action from the Actions menu when viewing the details for an individual database or view and modify database-specific information. For example, when you are displaying the details for a selected database, you can do the following:

  • Change database settings such as the database name and description.
  • Add database accounts and view database account activity, such as the date and time of the last password reset and the number of active sessions for the account.
  • Specify the connectors to use for the database.
  • Set database-specific policies.
  • View recent activity for the database, such as who has checked out or checked in a password for database accounts.
  • Set database-specific permissions for the users who are allowed to access the database with stored accounts.