Requesting assignment to a zone role

If you need access to a zone-based role assignment, you can submit a request to be assigned to that role assignment.

To request assignment to a zone role:

  1. Open the Admin Portal, click Resources, then click Systems to view the list of systems.
  2. Select the check box of a system to request access to a role for that system.
  3. Click Actions and select Request Zone Role from the menu.
  4. Select a role from the list and click Request.
  5. Type a reason for your request, optionally provide ticket information, and optionally specify or modify the requested start and end time for the role assignment.
  6. Click Submit.

    An email notification is sent to the user who will review and either approve or reject your request. You will receive email when the request is approved or rejected.

Depending on your environment, there could be a lag of up to an hour between the time you receive the email notification of approval and when your zone role assignment takes effect.