Viewing request details

If you have made or responded to a request, you can click the Requests tab to view the status of access requests and the history of request activity. You can click the Requests tab from the Admin Portal to see the status of your own pending requests, the requests awaiting your approval, or the results of request activity. You can then select any request displayed on the Request tab to see request details.

If you are an approver, you can also go directly to Request Details by clicking the link in the email notifying you of the request.

If you have the authority to approve requests and the request is still pending a response, you can click Approve or Reject from the Request details. For more information about approving or rejecting a request, see Responding to access requests.

The request information table displays details appropriate for the current state of the request. For example, you might see the following information:

  • Posted displays the date and time of the most recent activity for each request.
  • Description provides a brief summary of the request indicating the type of access or application requested.
  • Requestor displays the user who submitted the request.
  • Requestor’s Reason displays the business reason provided by the user who submitted the request.
  • Approver displays the user or role designated for approving access requests if the approval is pending or the specific user who approved or rejected the request if the request has been resolved.
  • Status displays the current status of the request as Pending, Approved, Rejected, or Failed.

    Depending on the status of the request, you might see the reason the request was rejected or the reason why the request failed.