Accessing remote systems

By default, if you have the View and Login permissions, you can log on to remote systems from the Admin Portal using the default web browser-based client. You can also configure remote sessions to start by launching a local Windows client with an appropriate command or a direct RDP or SSH configuration file. Both of these options enable you to log on to the target system from the Admin Portal through the Centrify Connector.

Logging on to a target system through the connector has several advantages. For example:

  • You can watch and terminate remote sessions.
  • You can view session activity in the portal and in reports.
  • You can configure authentication rules and authentication profiles for remote access.
  • You can capture and playback audited remote activity.

Privileged Access Service allows you to access remote systems in the following ways:

Viewing reports for accounts accessed remotely

There are two reports that provide information on remote accessed accounts. You can access them from the Admin Portal> Reports:

  • Remote Sessions Activity: displays information on any RDP/SSH session from a specific date.
  • Remote Sessions Count: displays number of RDP/SSH sessions by connector type.

For more information about accessing remote systems, see the following topics: