Specifying the account

You can specify any account you want to use to log on to the target system. The account can be a domain account or a local account. In most cases, the account is a privileged account with a managed password, but it is not required to be.

  • If you have View and Login permissions on the account, the connection is established and you have access to the target system.
  • If you have View permission on the account, but do not have the Login permission, you are prompted for whether you would like to request access to the account. If you request access, you are prompted for a reason and the request is submitted to a designated approver, and the current session is closed.
  • If your request is approved, you could reopen the native secure shell client and log on to the target system successfully.
  • If you are prompted to request access and choose No, you can continue logging on to the target system but you must know the password for the account.
  • If you don’t have View permission for the account you specify or the account isn’t an account stored in the identity service, the target system will prompt you to provide the password for the account and a second form of authentication if multi-factor authentication is required for the account.