Selecting connector services

Before you can use a secure shell session (SSH) or remote desktop protocol (RDP) session to connect to target computers, you must configure one or more connectors to act as the SSH service or RDP service gateway. The SSH/RDP service gateway enables you to control network traffic through the connector to target computers to support a separation of duties security model.

Note:   RDP connections require that the Centrify Connector be version 18.5 or newer.

To configure a connector to act as a SSH/RDP service gateway:

  1. In the Admin Portal, click Settings, then click Network to display Centrify Connector settings.
  2. Select a connector to display the Actions menu.
  3. Select Modify from the Actions menu, then click SSH/RDP Services.
  4. Click Enable SSH connections and/or Enable RDP connections and specify the ports if you are not using the default ports.

    If you are configuring a connector version 18.4 or older, the RDP configuration options are not available.
  5. Click Save.

For more information about modifying other connector settings, see the connector-related topics in the Admin Portal help.

If you enable the RDP or SSH gateway for a connector, remote sessions display a default welcome message to authorized users when they log on using the default web-based browser client, local Windows-based client, or a native RDP or SSH client. For information about defining a custom banner or restoring the default gateway banner, see Updating the SSH gateway banner.