Saving connection profiles

Most secure shell clients allow you to save the connection string profiles you use to enable you to log on with minimal interactive input. For example, you might want to save your login user name and the connector host name you use most frequently in a profile to reduce the information you need to provide to log on to different target systems.

The connection string can include the following fields:


The user field specifies the identity service user name you would use to log on to the Admin Portal.

The hostname field is the DNS host name of the system you added to the Privileged Access Service. If you have access to more than one system with the same DNS host name, you are prompted to select which system to use.

The account field is the account you want to use to log on to the target system. If the account field contains the @ character, it is assumed to be a domain account. Otherwise, it is assumed to be a local account.

A simple connection string might include all three fields. For example:

You can also omit fields in the connection string. You will then be prompted for any omitted fields. For example, in the following connection string, local1 is the account used to log on to the target system, the DNS name of the target system is omitted, and the identity service user name is richcis@richl.devp.