Zone role workflow setup overview

Here's an overview of how you set up your deployment to use zone role workflow.

How to set up zone role workflow (an overview):

  1. Make sure your deployment meets the prerequisites.

    For details, see Zone role workflow requirements.

  2. (Optional but recommended) Create roles for requestors and approvers.

    For details, see Creating roles for requesters and approvers.

  3. Enable a default zone role workflow for the domain. Here you'll also assign the roles that you created in the previous step.

    For details, see Enabling zone role workflow.

  4. Configure which users can request zone-based role assignments.

    For details, see Configuring users to be requestors

  5. Configure who can approve zone role workflow requests.

    For details, see Configuring users and roles to be approvers.

  6. (Optional) Customize the email that is sent and for which kinds of zone role workflow actions.

    For details, see Customizing the notification email for zone role workflow activity.