Retrieving a SSH key

You can retrieve a public or private SSH key. Typically, you retrieve a public key when you need access to a new system and your SSH client already has a private key configured on it. You typically retrieve a private key when you need to access a system that already has a public key configured, but your SSH client does not have a private key configured on it. To retrieve a key from Admin Portal, you must have first added it to Privileged Access Service. See Adding SSH keys for instructions.

To retrieve a SSH key:

  1. Click Resources > SSH Keys.
  2. Right-click the relevant key and select Retrieve.
  3. The Retrieve SSH Key window opens.

    1. Select either Public Key or Private Key.
    2. Select the Key Type that you want to retrieve.
    3. This option is only available for public key retrieval. Private key retrieval supports only the PEM format.

    4. Click either the Download Key or Copy Key button.
    5. Download Key downloads the key to your default download folder.

      Copy Key allows you to paste the key to Notepad, MS Word, or other text-based software.

    6. (Optional) Enter the passphrase you would like to associate with the SSH key. Without a passphrase, the SSH Key is unencrypted by default.
    7. Click Close.