Checking in a password

After you check out a password, you have a limited period of time in which that password is valid for database activity. If Privileged Access Service manages the password for the account, you should check in the password when you end the database session, so that a new secure password can be generated for the account you used.

You can check in a password or multiple passwords you have previously checked out from the Accounts or Workspace tab. For example, if you are viewing the list of database accounts, you can select an account and click the Actions menu to check in a password that you currently have checked out.

To check in a password you have previously checked out:

  1. In the Admin Portal > Resources > Databases to display the list of databases.
  2. Select a database to display the database details.
  3. Select a database account or multiple accounts, then click the Actions menu.
  4. Click Checkin.

You can also check in an account password when you are viewing your own activity on the Workspace tab. or when viewing accounts on the Accounts tab. For more information about reviewing the summary of your activity, see Viewing dashboards. For more information about working with accounts directly, see Managing accounts.