Extending the password checkout time

If you have the appropriate administrative rights and you have checked out the password for a saved database account name, you can extend the checkout time to allow you to continue maintenance or perform administrative operations. The default maximum length of time you are allowed to keep a password checked out is configured using Checkout lifetime policy. If the maximum checkout lifetime is 60 minutes and you extend the checkout time before time runs out, the password expiration is reset to 60 minutes.

You can extend the checkout time for a password indefinitely at any point in its lifetime as long as you extend the checkout time before the checkout period expires. For example, if you have extended the checkout time for 60 minutes, but need more time to resolve an issue, you can extend the checkout time for another 60 minutes as long as you do so before the first 60 minutes expires. For more information about configuring the Checkout lifetime policy, see Setting database‑specific policies.

To extend the check out time for a password:

  1. In the Admin Portal > Resources > Domains to display the list of databases.
  2. Select a database to display the database details.
  3. Click Accounts, then right-click the account that is currently checked out.
  4. Click Extend.

    After you extend the checkout time for a password, the activity is logged on the Privileged Access Service dashboard.

After you are finished performing maintenance or administrative tasks on the target database, log off, and check in the password. For more information about checking in a password, see Checking in a password.