Adding and managing resource profiles

When adding a system to Centrify Privileged Access Service, you select the type of the target system. This selection of type tells the Centrify PAS system how to interact with the system to login and manage passwords. Centrify PAS supports a number of built-in system types. You expand this support by adding additional custom types (for example: to support a router that does not have built-in support). Select the System Type from the drop-down. You may filter the system types drop-down to display only Built-in or only Custom types by using the checkboxes next to the drop-down.

To add a custom system type, you add a Resource Profile that includes a script detailing how Centrify PAS should interact with the device. The target system type must support the SSH protocol for logging into the system and managing passwords.

To add and manage resource profiles, perform the following steps in this order:

  1. Writing a custom script.
  2. Creating and managing a resource profile.
  3. Importing and exporting resource profile packages.
  4. Adding a system from a resource profile.
  5. Script functions, arguments, and exit codes for resource profiles