Adding a vault

You can create a vault, which will enable you to connect to Secret Server.

To add a vault:

  1. From the Admin Portal, navigate to Resources > Vaults > Add Vault.
  2. Fill in the following fields:
    • Name - Your vault name
    • Description - Optional. Description for your vault.
    • Vault Type - The type of vault. For example, Secret Server.
    • Vault Location - Specify if your vault is a cloud instance or on-premises. 
    • URL - The connection URL. Ensure you include the http or https prefix.
    • User Name - The user name to log into the specified URL.
    • Password - The password to log into the specified URL.
    • Enable Sync Interval - Indicates if you want to sync at regular intervals. The default value is off.
    • Sync Interval - Enter this value if the Enable Sync Interval switch is on. Specify the value in hours.

      Note:   Synchronization can handle around 5,000 secrets within about 3 hours. Your synchronization time should be longer than the total time it takes for a single synchronization to complete.

  3. Click Next to go to the Template Mapping page. 

    Note:   If this is an on-premises vault, the template section will be disabled. You will need to add the vault and configure your settings first, prior to selecting templates. 

    1. Template mapping: Choose the system and account templates you want synchronize.

      We suggest leveraging a legacy Report in Secret Server to see how Secrets are spread across different templates within your environment. This will help indicate which templates you should map for your integration.

      The available template categories are:

      • Windows Systems
      • Unix Systems (Password Credentials)
      • Unix Systems (SSH Key Credentials)
      • Active Directories
    2. Add sets: (Optional) Add sets using the field under Add to Sets.   
  4. Click Done.