Creating and managing a resource profile

To add a new resource profile, perform the following steps:

Note:   You must have Privileged Access Service Administrator or System Administrator rights to create a custom resource.

  1. In the Admin Portal, navigate to Settings > Resources > Resource Profiles and choose Add Profile. For the first part of the add profile, enter fields as seen below:

The required fields are as follows:

  • System Type Identifier*: The system type shown in the Add System wizard.
  • Profile Name*: a display name for the system.
  • Description: system description.
  • Version: assign version to system.
  • System Logo: upload a logo for your system.
  • Author: system author.
  • Password Complexity Profile*: allows you to choose an existing profile or create your own. To create your own profile, choose Add New Profile, see Configuring password profiles.
  • Script*: Enter a resource profile script. You may copy and paste your script into this field:

If there are any syntax errors in the script, you will see a red flag as shown below:

Updating resource profile settings

To update resource profile settings, navigate to Settings > Resources > Resource Profiles and choose an existing profile where you can edit the profile fields.