Changing VMware VMkernel system settings

In addition to the common system settings you can change for any type of system, there are a few VMware VMkernel system settings. For example, you can use System Settings to update the following types of information after adding a system:

  • Change the session type or port number for remote connections

You can manually select secure shell or remote desktop and change the port number for remote sessions. If you don’t specify a session type and port, the secure shell client and port 22 are used by default.

  • Select a system time zone

You can manually select the time zone you want to use for any system. If you don’t specify a time zone, the local time zone of the system is used by default.

  • Account Management Settings

For password management, HTTPS port 443 is used. If you changed the port assignment used for password management, you need to manually set the Management Port field to match the setting of the VMware VMkernel system. Contact VMware VMkernel Support if you want to change the port setting.