Adding IAM user accounts

IAM accounts allow you to retrieve vaulted access key secrets. IAM accounts have up to two related access keys with:

  • Each access key containing an ID and a secret. The secret is vaulted by Centrify PAS.
  • Each vaulted secret has permissions and policies set for it.

Once you add an IAM user, you can view or edit: permissions, settings, access keys, policy, workflow, activity, and policy summary for the IAM account.

To add an IAM account

  1. In the Admin Portal, navigate to Resources > Cloud Providers and you will see a list of cloud providers. Select the cloud provider you wish to modify.
  2. Click the IAM Users tab and click Add.
  3. Enter a User Name. The user name must be actual IAM username.
  4. For Access Key, click Add.

Enter the Access Key ID and Secret Access Key from your provider and click OK.

Note:   You can easily navigate to the AWS IAM users page by clicking Open AWS Console to IAM Users pagein the top-right corner of the page as seen in the image below.

Once added, you can drill deeper into an IAM user account by clicking the account. Here, you can set the following for the IAM account: