Adding a domain

Before you can store and manage passwords for Active Directory domain accounts, you must add the appropriate domains to the Privileged Access Service.

After you add the domains you want to manage, you can organize them into domain sets to simplify other tasks such as assigning set‑specific permissions.

To add a new domain:

  1. In the Admin Portal, click Resources> Domains to display the list of domains.
  2. Click Add Domain.
  3. Type the domain name and, optionally, a description to identify the domain.
  4. Select Verify Domain to test access to the domain, then click Add.

    To verify access to the domain, at least one of the connectors must be able to connect to a domain controller that can be resolved by its DNS name and has port 389 opened for LDAP connections, and has port 445 opened for SMB connections.

    If the domain is verified successfully, click Close.

If you have configured subnet mapping for connectors, you might need to modify the subnet settings to ensure you have a connector that can access an appropriate domain controller.