Setting service-specific permissions

You can set permissions for individual applications or set global permissions to apply to all applications. If you use a combination of global and application-specific permissions, the application-specific permissions take precedence over the global permissions you set.

You can set permissions for individual services or on the members of a set of services. You can also set account permissions for the accounts used to access services.

To set service-specific permissions:

  1. In the Admin Portal, click Resources > Services to display the list of services and scheduled tasks.
  2. Select the service to display the service details.
  3. Click Permissions.
  4. Click Add to search for and select the users, groups, or roles to which you want to grant service‑specific permissions, then click Add.
  5. Select the appropriate permissions for each user, group, or role you have added, then click Save.

    Although you can set the Edit permission for the service, users must also have Edit permission on the target system, Checkout permission for the service administrative account, and Checkout and Edit permission for the sub-accounts associated with the multiplexed account for the service.

For more specific information about what different permissions allow users to do, see Assigning permissions.