Selecting the connectors to use

By default, systems use any available connector without evaluating the network topology. If the communication with a current connector is interrupted, systems automatically select another available connector to continue operation. To give you more control over which connector different systems use, you can map specific system subnet patterns to specific connectors. Systems can then use the globally-defined network topology to identify the closest connector available and will use the next closest available connector if the communication with the closest connector is interrupted.

Global system subnet mapping gives you the best combination of performance and failover support in most cases. However, there are circumstances in which you might prefer to specifically designate the connectors individual systems should use. For example, if the “closest” connector in the network topology has bandwidth or latency issues, you might want to designate one or more specific connectors for a system. You might also want to specify connectors for individual systems to control load balancing and failover support.

If you want to specify the connectors for an individual system, you can do so when viewing the details for the system. System-specific settings take precedence over any global connector subnet mapping you have configured.

In cases where site information isn't configured in Active Directory, you can

To specify the connectors to use for a system:

  1. In the Admin Portal, click Resources, then click Systems to display the list of computers and network devices.
  2. Select a system to display system-specific details.
  3. Click Connectors.
  4. Select Choose, then select the specific connectors to use for the system from the list of available connectors.
  5. Click Save.